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town 24.4 per cent of the tenements consist of one room
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unnecessary when hospitals are available for the whole of the county.
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The recognition of general paralysis begins with Boyle 1822
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suggestive of alveolar abscess. None of the symptoms given would
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of prisoners in the particular prison and that the total num
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has sho yn highest proficiency in Midwifery and Gynaecology. 8 James
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ffical Journal for.1 line a death from cocaine recently occurred in
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to typhoid and above all to typhus. The late Dr. Murchison
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experience are greater. At many of the London schools
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action I would suggest that rest of any inflamed joint
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refer to the surgical procedures which have of late years been
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intervals of three or four weeks. After the fourth attack I
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ing out Dr. Evans s theoiy. In the town of Crediton last
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excluded by the condition of the uterus and a phantom tumour by the
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of unsound mind. Counsel suggested that the question for
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own sewers into it. We trust that the rural sanitary authority will not

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