Five Sneaky Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Fruit and Veg!


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Guest poster Julie Cooper has some great tips for getting fruit and vegetables into your kids.

If there is one dilemma that nearly every parent can relate to, it is trying to get kids to eat more fruit and vegetables. Unless you are one of the fortunate few parents who are blessed with children who actually enjoy eating vegetables, you have likely fought this battle many times. This might be one of those situations in which the direct approach is not the most effective; instead, a little creativity can help you make sure your kids are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need to be healthy.

# 1: Make Fruit and Veg Fun and Easy

Set aside one shelf or part of a shelf in your refrigerator that is exclusively for your kids. Tell them that any time they feel hungry, they can take anything from that shelf. Stock this section of the fridge with fruit and veg that have already been washed, cut and portioned in individual baggies. Even if your kids are not wild about the healthy food, they may enjoy the responsibility and grown-up feeling of being able to choose their own snacks.

# 2: Use Fruit and Veg as an Appetiser While Your Kids Are Waiting to Eat

Instead of trying to convince your kids to eat their vegetables during the meal, when they have several other preferable options, offer the fruit or veg ahead of time. If your kids are drooling with hunger while they wait for dinner to be ready, they will be much more receptive. The classic warning about spoiling their appetite does not apply here, since you actually want them to eat these foods before their meal!

#3: If Necessary, Hide the Fruit and Veg in Other Foods

It is certainly preferable to gradually acclimatise your kids to eating their fruit and vegetables of their own accord. If you are faced with a particularly picky eater, however, you may need to use stealth to include these foods in your child’s diet. Cookbooks like Deceptively Delicious and The Sneaky Chef can give you ideas for meals like spaghetti with squash hidden in it, or macaroni cheese that contains hidden cauliflower.

# 4: Plant a Garden Together

Possibly, no strategy will motivate your kids to eat their vegetables like helping them plant and grow a garden. Not everyone has enough space to do this, of course, but if you do you might be surprised how much a garden changes your kids’ opinion of their vegetables. Spend time picking out what vegetables you want to grow, cultivating them together and finally preparing and eating the harvest.

# 5: Make Sure You Eat Fruit and Veg Yourself

This advice may hit a little close to home, but remember that most kids like to imitate what they see their parents doing. Set a good example by eating fruit and veg for snacks yourself. Even better, when you and your kids finish a job or outing together, enjoy a healthy snack that you make and eat together.


Julie Cooper works in her fruitful office as a writer and is also a mother of three, meaning she has two full-time jobs, but she wouldn’t change a thing. In her rare moments of free time, she enjoys raising German Shepherd Dogs and restoring the type of carriage that was pulled by a single horse in the 19th century.

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