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inspector a lady. Miss Mason s duty is to visit not only the
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number possessed in full competency the moral quantities
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treating of cholera in Germany. In this connection the
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Brothers l.eonnet has been postponed. The assassination of
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international Congress of. pplied Chemistry took place at
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commencing their medical studies at the Hospital in October
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assure Mr. Berdoe that there is no risk of this seeing
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Brighton to Amy Lilian Broughton granddaughter of the late
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deal of good might result. They would derive thein
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the reports on this subject on twelve provincial workhouses
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may be mentioned their Concentrated Liquors Cream of
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classes and then simply swindled the people out of their
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Charities of the British Medical Association I am directed
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human body. Herbalists eye doctors and even dentists
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there were few cases. Hamburg derived its water from the
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f however although he alone is liable to the second surgeon has a
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lUie senses tendency to ex.aggerations and feeling of self sufficiency
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He was specially gratified and made happy by seeing that
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severe outlneak of measles or whooping cough may largely
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My own investigations were carried out at the British
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ing winter. This eflect appears to be due to the rain inter
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Canton and 1 person in 16 was seized and died in Hong
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idea appears to be to have a separate hospital perhaps as a
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absurd to recall the benefits derived from cocaine as a
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Gresham University Commission is. based but at the same time feels
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a disgrace to the land. The finger of scorn has in
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efl ected by the action of its own muscular wall can be and
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station who also have taken part in combating the pestilence. He has
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the yeomanry the militia and volunteers had made the
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their way into the sewers by the discharges of patients suffer
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exhibitors for affording so agreeable an opportunity of visit
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another 210 feet from the heading and a well respectively.
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some sucking in above aid below the clavicles and also in
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building accompanied by the head attendant. He then sent

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