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ally distributed than with grown people the disease partakes

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effected but the second is by no means easy in the supine

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associations. Almost everyone would be glad to shake off

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even if his ideas could be translated into laws could he imagine their

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Council is not to be confounded with Matriculation or other

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implies the cessation of his earnings for a time and the

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of rejoicing prevailed at the meeting to quite a remarkable

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It is contemplated to provide better ae ommodatiou for the

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blood plasma associated witli a diminution of the amount of

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the poor and in the large towns the chief causes of death

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The virulence of the poison does not seem to lessen as the

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by subsequent commentators. But before entering upon

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I might give other instances of the sensitiveness of child

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The sanitary condition of Sedan and Metz were a disgrace to

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SoMB Lessons to be Leaent feosi an EpiDEinc of Silall

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evidences of inflammation. The process of healing by the

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ological one if the latter be thoroughly carried out there

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had lost many of their associates who had passed away in

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known in Sheffield for many years. 2 2.38 infants under 1

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the publication of which it is hoped will have the effect of

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impure water more especially by providing independent supplies.

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he was committing and then he asked wliether he was awaie

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the Section of Public.Medicine supports the claims. The

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One other suggestion I may make which I think would be

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ments as Indications of Incipient Tuberculous Arthritis.

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of the Public Health Act persons suffering from sm all pox without

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Anyone familiar with the annual meetings of the Branoh

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which mainly concerns itself with scientific discussions in

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tions of the University so nearly coincide with those of the

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Two years ago as soon as I found the potency of thyi oid

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hospital and a special throat department. Pupils ai e ad

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are many and not easily surmountable. At Xewcastle

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The Chairman had been in communication with the autho

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Revaccination. Seven of the above all over 15 years of age were stated

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Enjoy :)

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