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plicitly. The time required for the treatment is two

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formation of caseous nodules. Usually the nodules increase in size and

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tion increased. i.bout I year ago an atypical perforating

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and quick the breathing is much hurried and is often much quicker

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note how well this condition has been described by Shakespeare.

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acetonemia following operation for appendicitis. The pa

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placed the flask and funnel with the hot liquid to be

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over the epididymis continuously with the subserous connective tissue beneath

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were received into the society as late as February

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secret society of millionaires modeled upon Loyola s

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peritonitis due to intoxication from the intestinal contents.

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A. Goldspohn of Chicago read a paper on the permanent

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administration of iron and other constitutional disease should be appropri

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Juvara in a remarkably well illustrated article dis

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is liable to kick or strike. Again. he might be educated to have

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the convexity of the cerebrum and perhaps slight turbidity of the cerebro

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upper end and has a freely moving needle attached to its

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globed pigment appears to concentrate in more compact

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in the female bladder is to be found in the shortness and

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ments are diminished or absent the vomiting of unaltered blood or of

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will be anaesthesia of a limb terminating abruptly at a definite level.

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These facts indicate that in a large proportion of the cases

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There is little to add concerning the sensory neuroses of the stomach to

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