Elderly shouldn’t mean second class, especially when it comes to cancer care (sponsored video)

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Prejudice comes in many forms, and the effects can be devastating.

I’ve witnessed first hand the way elderly people receive substandard service – including healthcare – for no reason other than their age. It makes little sense – we do not lose our humanity as our skin wrinkles, our value as people is not eroded as the years tick by, but it remains the case that people are treated differently because of their age.

The Age Old Excuse

Cancer care charity Macmillan has launched a new campaign to change this and make sure that older people are offered cancer treatment and care based on their needs, not on their age.

They are calling for:

  • Older people to be offered treatment and care based on their fitness rather than their age
  • Services to be made accessible to meet the needs of older people
  • Staff to be given the time and training needed to provide the best possible care

Please watch the video and then, if you feel moved to, click on it again to be taken to an online petition. I think it’s worth it.

This is a sponsored post but words and thoughts are my (Emily’s) own.

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