Edie’s birth story – by Daddy!

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One Born Every Minute returns to Channel 4 at 9pm on 04/01/11 with an episode all about dads. The lovely people at Netmums have invited bloggers to share their birth stories from the dad’s perspective.

We love a good challenge over here on Mums on the Blog, so to kick us off we have Faith H’s partner…

Edie’s birth story – by Daddy!

With Christmas and New Year behind us, now I find the time to reflect on what was about to arrive into our lives, this time last year. Our beautiful baby girl was delivered on 23rd January 2011 and is fast approaching her 1st birthday.

Faith was fairly relaxed during the pregnancy and apart from hideous morning sickness which never seemed to subside, was very positive about the birth. Although we originally considered a hospital birth, as we got nearer to the due date she had a total change of heart and was determined to have Edie at home, in a water pool no less. She had lost her father in the hospital only 2 years previously and as we were approaching d day, she suddenly became a bit nervous about being there. I was of course absolutely petrified! I wasn’t ready to witness her in agony, writhing around in a glorified bath in the lounge with only gas and air administered by a community midwife. Although I can normally ration with my wife, a hormonal, heavily pregnant determined woman is a force to be reckoned with. So, after some mild bullying by her and a frank conversation with our wonderful midewife, the water pool was booked, various apparatus bought from shops such as B&Q, candles acquired, paracetamol in plentiful abundance (ummm, yeah right!) we were ready……bring it on.

She was due on 21 January, and on the morning of 20 January her hind waters broke and we thought she had gone into labour. We popped to the anti-natal unit at the hospital, where she was monitored and were told to go home, much to her relief. She then went and had a session of reflexology and we went for lunch, as you do?! She was having mild contractions and so the tens machine was on. Little did we know this was just the pre, pre, pre labour stage. Much more to come!

The midwife had advised that we could stay at home, and the next morning she came to examine Faith, who was so upset at being told she was not in proper labour. I have to say, I was a little relived as it looked as though we would be going into hospital after all. She was devastated and so with some reassurance we got the bags together and headed in. What happened after that was a whirlwind. I am doubtful that she remembers as clearly as me. She was induced on the Friday and I was sent home to ‘rest’ and conserve energy for what was to come. The next morning still nothing and so they gave her an epidural and syntocin, a powerful drug to induce labour. In addition to that, as she’d tested positive for MRSA, she had an IV antibiotic which she had a massive allergic reaction to. She was on gas and air and also had pethadine as the epidural was rather sporadic. She did manage to get some rest on the Saturday evening whilst I sat in a chair and watched our baby’s heart beat on the monitor. That was my responsibility, the men do need something. I had no sleep that night, excited, nervous, scared as hell, but ready for what was coming.

I was so proud of how she was coping, but was so shattered. It was like being at an all night party, with no drink, not knowing what time of day or night it was, feeling sick with worry about my wife being in so much pain and the baby’s heartbeat changing every now and then and the midwives coming in to check.

Faith did get to 10cm dilated and really wanted to push the baby out. This was on day 3 in the ‘big brother house’. The lead consultant paid us a visit and overruled and whisked us of for an emergency C section. Faith had a spinal block in theatre as the epidural was unreliable, and she had a total panic on the table. Feeling all doctor like in my scrubs, I was at the top end initially and managed to calm her down. The excitement of our baby about to be born was amazing. Within 30 minutes Edie was out, and crying to my relief. I went down the bottom end. There was a huge amount of blood everywhere. A sight I will never forget. She lost about 3.5 pints of blood. But she was ok, and our baby was ok. We got back to our room post op, and Edie had to be taken to the neonatal unit as they thought she had an infection. I was taken there by a doctor, and this was my first duty as Daddy. I was so proud of both of them, and the love I felt washed over me like nothing before. I was with her, holding her hand as they tried several attempts to put a cannula into her tiny little vein. I am so glad that Faith didn’t witness this. It was heartbreaking. Unfortunately Edie did have an infection, and they were also concerned about Faith’s blood levels and so they had to stay in hospital for 5 days post birth.

It was a very surreal week. We had hoped that our baby would be delivered calmly in our home, and it turned out to be the total opposite and when I went home in between visits I had to dismantle the pool, walk the dog, do the shopping and get ready for them to come home. It was exhausting. They don’t tell you how tired you’ll feel. I know……..I appreciate little sympathy. We are truly blessed to have an amazing family living nearby and I thank them whole heartedly for their help in those first few weeks. Bringing Edie home was wonderful, but I must have driven at about 10mph on the way home for fear of ‘breaking’ her, as if she was a china doll.

One year on, we love her more and more each day and are truly amazed at home she is developing. She has changed our lives beyond belief and is the most precious, special and amazing thing to have ever happened to us.

I love you Edie – Daddy xxxxx