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honorary member of the Association Dr. George Gi aham
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officials as to their willingness or otherwise to adopt the sug
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authorities. The possibility of field medical transport being bandied
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source of revenue and a specious suggestion of Governmental
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have delivered himself of the following extraordinary com
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logical anatomy and physiology sciences in strict logical
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but the bulk of cases requiring tarsectomy did not generally
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nature and treatment and on the micro oi ganisms contained
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report the Committee agreed that a large amount of valual le
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the question of prevention of the disease was equally strik
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the several rates of mortality it is necessary in comparing
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Kor must it be forgotten that the life of a medical student
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Small pox Hospital in the Queen s Park has happily not been called
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to the other inhabitants it was wrong to permit one of the
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arise. A boy naturally goes to school and the choice
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not from the special action of drugs it may however be so
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Warner which showed that among k7 i children in such
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But enough has been said about the work and its con
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another College could abolish another and that an exami
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was therefore a very unhealthy one and the sh kness and mortality
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ciples of the Science which bear on the study of Medicine
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fact that free bleeding had been excited by sounding rather
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with glycerine of tannic acid and carefullv brush over the whole of
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on our side for demanding a reconsideration of the law in
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London was one which it was not desirable to postpone until next session.
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tific attainment which has b en handed down to us from oui
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retards the menopause it also favoui s child bearing.
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a fold of mucous membrane placed across the inner angle of
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was due in great measure to the enormous increase in thc
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danger from this source will fall upon these authorities
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of misunderstanding on the use of the terms gas and sen er
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employed by the Registrar General in his calculations relating
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Tbk following appointments have been made at the.Vdmiralty Edwabd
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fulness could be felt and upon bimanual palpation the pre
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the medical profession on the temperance question invited
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cal Officer to Charles A. Myers Clerk Commissioners Office
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is now made it appears to have been assumed that the
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limestone rock on which they stand and to tlie river Wye
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