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Bartholomew s St. George s Guy s the London Hospital the Middlesex
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brothers and sisters and the blood exhibits the above
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That the fmaucial statement for the year ending December 3ist 180.5
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Twenty eight Cases of. dult Female General Paralysis admitted to
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water in modifying the sterilising action of sunlight. He
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disorder. A disease of the lungs or of the liver or of the
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the labours of the Committee since its appointment in
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responsible beings. Any one of these people may commit a
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Cod liver Oil Emulsions of various combinations Pep
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can be obtained. A special examination can be obtained
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quite recently inflicted scarcely any leucocytes were in or
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is so appalling that many have considered and analysed
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would then have rather over an hour on Wednesday Tliurs
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building. When they do so they should it is pointed out at least
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Wolfl lmgel found that the 3 000 colonies per cubic centi
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patients adjoins these hospitals aflbrding facility for the
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nature of lupus a view whicli is now steadily gaining favour
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Junior Member would do well to learn Pitman s system phonography
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gi eat success. Dr. Rentoul wishes us to oppose the registra
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and can be remedied by the use of proper glasses the large
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Board to consider in concert with the authorities of London
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in advance for a fee which would include treatment in the
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At the outer end of the tubes which are made of indiarubber
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cind fully qualified medical practitioners during their con
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It is amusing to read how the proprietors of rival cures love one
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terview with candidates and why after all present had
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visit was paid to this hospital aird also to the baths where
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the gut evidently the remains of one broken up fold of the
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came from the one mile area 35 liouses had become newly
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Blin and lier congeners could be prevented from practising

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