Do you brush germs in your mouth morning and night? (sponsored post)

Wait, wait, wait. A video just landed in our inbox and we are a bit grossed out.

Watch this:

That’s right – your cold germs are lurking on your toothbrush and when you brush after a cold, you’re putting them straight back into your mouth, and straight back into your nervous system. Ew.

Also, it only ever occurred to us that the three month rule on replacing toothbrushes was because they get a bit worn and tatty – now we realise it’s also because they get germy. Bleurgh.

Is it just us or does this all come as a bit of a surprise? We’re off to throw away our toothbrushes and get new, clean ones!

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. Thoughts are our own.

Emily @amummytoo

Emily @amummytoo

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Emily @amummytoo


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