Do we cuddle as much as we used to?

Now there’s a question, not really sure of the answer. Not what you are thinking though. When I was small I had a huge collection of cuddly toys, all of which accompanied me into the land of sweet slumbers every night, the little bears and the big bears and the other fluffy animals all had a special connection, either a pressie form someone close or a hand- me- down from a sibling, handmade creations with all sorts of little memories attatched. Even when I left home to venture into the world of adulthood, my scruffy and well loved cuddlies came with me. And still now, in my forties, I have a collection of special bears by my bedside. And a few in the cupboard and a few in the loft, not one to ever let anything special go very far.
So have you still got some of your fluffy loved ones? They could, no doubt tell a few stories if only they had a voice ha ha ! Oh what tales they may be able to tell…. Perhaps a few secrets you could never share with a human kind but shared with a true friend made of fur, it has been a secret kept forever. Maybe a childhood worry or fear could be faded away if told to a close friendly Ted. They certainly made close confidants for me. I grew up in a house which was not particularly old but it had a coldness to it certainly, as well as comfort, my bedtime bears provided me with an extra layer of warmth. No luxury of central heating in those days. Their comforting smells would help me drift off to sleep.

Are your children as attatched to their teddies, because mine don’t seem to be, not on a regular basis anyway, although they do go through phases of needing a furry friend, maybe after a bad day at school or a trip to the dentist or doctor, and then it takes ages to find the one they want. Or maybe thats just a way of dragging out the bedtime routine. Is it possibly because Mums and Grannies don’t seem to knit and sew as much these days as they did in the last generation? and is the emphasis more on collectables from the shop shelves? Maybe we should all make a big effort to get those knitting needles out and find a few balls of wool and see what wonderful creations appear. I remember my Mum teaching me to knit, not sure if I ever created anything more than a few colourful squares and a short stripy scarf mind you, still I guess I havn’t lost my chance. Having 3 boys I am not quite sure if knitting is on the agenda for the evening entertainment in my house but…..
For me…… I think it’s time I gave the bedtime cuddle a bit of a revival, watch out kids, Mum is going shopping.

Fluffy Hugs


  • Morag Gaherty

    My two boys are both very attached to their various soft toys. Whenever they go away, there is always a list of furry friends who must go as well, even if they are only going for the night. If anything, I’d say they are much more attached to their furry friends than I ever was to mine. There is also very little room in their beds when they go to sleep, because each of them has 6 or 7 at least, some really quite large! They are now at boarding school, and the majority of their furry friends go with them.

    I think I only had Big Bertha (a baby-sized plastic doll), my teddy and my homemade (by me) dolly. My teddy and dolly both sit on my bedside cabinet, though I can’t say I ever cuddle them or talk about/to them. They are just part of a link to the past and I couldn’t bear to part with them. The dolly has clothes which my Nanna made for her!

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