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to medical olhcers. The regimental officers cannot be blamed nor does
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as based upon the requirements of an ordinary infantiy regi
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members together with one representative from each of the
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bulbar paralysis depends on lesions primarily of the hypo
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of the Conjoint Board or an equivalent examination. Clerks
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HANTS COUNTY ASYLUM. Third Assistant Medical Officer. Salary
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nant mass involving both the broad ligaments and ovaries
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ranks. During an action the regimental medical personnel
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even if incurred in the leading of a forlorn hope means a
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think a dose will be. Petrifactions of crabs and orthoceras bezoar of
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refined appearance to the institution. Encouraged by these
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vote of thanks to Mr. Tosswill which was carried unani
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the Marshall Hall method the patient always being kept on
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others were resting quietly in their hammocks. The latter
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convinced that the only way to really diminish and finally
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his mother s we cannot say with anything like accuracy be
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plete. In spite of some minor defects the work is likely to
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informed taken alarm a result which as our object is
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from fever principally enteric and 149 from small pox. The fatal
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bells or means of communieation from any of the wards nor
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A cojiPKBHBNSivE report has been prepared by Dr. Hamer
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teresting as are Benedikt s observations on the lessened
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Donations and Bequests. The late Mrs. Mary Eldridge
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times. Mr. Theoret is said to cherish the hope of acquiring a large
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editorial business ot the Journal be addressed to the Editor at the
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strates to a detailed schedule of questions issued by Mr.
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Medical Officer must devote his whole time to the Infirmary. Appli
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anterior wall of the bowel but nothing abnormal could be
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Romans and includes all kinds of surgical instruments and
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The Committee were still of opinion that the railways employ
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and are binding on any candidate who may have been ifgis
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may be similarly involved and that the blood changes maybe
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Or. Argyll Robertson the General Secretary Mr. lt ieorge
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gi anulation tissue and a probe touched bare bone posteriorly. There
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stricture which in this case was so excessive as to create an unforeseen

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