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pendent visiting committee and where even visitors to
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the total expenditure of the Association it must be
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You all admit the cjuestion is one of considerable difliculty.
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Perhaps the most interesting point in this recrudescence
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tion. If suppuration has occurred the abscess must be
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each tenable for 3 years to candidates from p.arishes of Crawford and
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drty that is before the antitoxin was administered. Looking
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The promotion of Surgeon Captain E. R. Da Costa of the Madras
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Children especially nervous and sensitive children are too
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and the muscles as in training tlie eye arid hand.
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of the dwelling A careful cleansing of the mouth and nose
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litan asylums. That clause was passed under the influence of
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keratitis was admitted under my care into the Victoria Hospital on June
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versary meeting of the Provincial Medical and Surgical Asso
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however and by bitter experience it was seen that certainly
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of the cerebrum and this is followed by one on the anatomy
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which cannot oflend the living and shall render tlic remains absolutely
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ship in Anatomy Physiology and Pathology has been awarded to
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which are the appointment of a registrar and a pathologist.
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medical officer and the inevitable consequent sapping of discipline.
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State OfiBce Vaecinogfene it appears that during 1.S93 674 900 doses of
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by the Weekly Board of this hospital to inform you that
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Surgical Registrar at 100 per annum a Pathological Regis
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her curriculum both a to order of study and as to repetition
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the railway there being no vendor present unless a recent
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election of this kind a good deal of cross voting was inevi
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people anxious to secure for themselves or their offspring
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matter of indifierence to the community. It was higli time
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per minute while between manholes 13 and 15 we found that
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children from the Berck Hospital suffering from this com

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