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Bethlem Royal Hospital for Lunatics the London Throat
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Entrance Scholarships. Two Dauntesey IMcdical Scholar
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waiting room he had a succession of fits. with deepening coma. He was
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gating the dilTerences of excitability of red and white
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exceptional opportunities cause me to doubt whether the
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Clerks are appointed. The Dressers reside in the Infirmary
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chilliness often amounting to rigor followed by sickness and
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Presented on behalf of the German Committee to the Eighth
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four minutes some struggling took place but the patient
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Or again whether sewer gas is a special predisposing cause
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children liad died of vaccination. And they knew in
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recently passed away arc gt r. Primo Ferrari Professor of
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difficult and often impossible to trace the history and
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brought about by the unfair competition of such societies with indi
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Belanger of River du Loup wants. iOO acres basing his claim on the
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rises air is driven out and when it falls outside air passes
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inclusion of this toast in their list as a marked recognition
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tliey would have fresh ground fiour. Yet it was used in poor
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remains in him extinguished by rough handling moreover
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clinic of the hospital is open to medical practitioners and
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any individual patient must ucpend on the constitutional and circu
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sary instruments in an antiseptic fluid at the time of opera
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ology the old are better off than the young. It is better
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cases for abdominal section placed in the small wards by
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had each a psalm or a doctrine a tongue a revelation or an
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prove that it is the faithful guardian of the honour and
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for the gastric and intestinal symptoms while blood
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doctors being told not to give way but to struggle against
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have met with of its occurrence in our island but since that
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the question whether it was better to pass air through the
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tion would receive them in a most affectionate manner to
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tesimal to alter the figures to any marked extent. Twenty
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Academie de Medecine and claiming and showing on the.i
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unlimited attendance. Out pupils are permitted daily
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ably and will be found set forth in detail on page 481.
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geal symptoms showed themselves and the usual remedies
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the cyst was removed under chloroform it was dark coloured shiny
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display of Malt Extract and Combinations. The applica
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Other exhibitions and prizes of the annual valae of about
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change during the last twelve months. Up to that period it
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workhouse which stands in a well kept garden giving a

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