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the Registrar of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
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part o his work consisted in the treatment of arrow wounds
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is not in accord with modern mental science and should be reconsidered.
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First among the various arrangements for this purpose we
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million between 1. 71 and 1893 not to Newcastle not to
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in London and that there have been no fewer than 598 fatal
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the mucous membranes of the external genital organs of man
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with what is called the ether. This naturally brought him to
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The subject is too vast for anything beyond mere mention
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bladder was sounded under chloroform but no calculus
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evils both hygienic and economic that are bred in a damp
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botham Yorkshire College Leeds D. V. Lowndes London Hos
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than in the matter of small pox. It was sometimes thrown
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In 1871 in the metropolitan hospitals they had over
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nursery department. The wards were bright with plants
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in Public Health and the degree of B.Hy. in the University
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Dempsey Alexander M.D. On Curetting the Uterus for Puerperal Sep
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and so excellent a record still worthily maintained. But

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