Christmas Fun-Fillers for Kids

So as the school holidays commence, especially at this time of year, it can be even more difficult to find things to do with the kids. So here at MumsontheBlog we are going to have a week full of ideas to do that are fun, easy and cheap!  Hopefully there will be something to help keep you and your little folk occupied, for a while at least.

First up, well with the wintry weather, how about making fat-balls for the birds that you can string up in the garden….

Bluetit Feeding

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What you’ll need:

Mixed seeds – a big bag from a pet shop isn’t expensive or even from the supermarket

Lard  or suet – or you can just use the leftover fat from cooking!

Dried fruit – great if you’ve got bits left over from making Christmas pudding or cake making

String and a container

If you’re feeling extravagant, you could get a coconut, halve it, enjoy the milk and flesh yourselves and then fill the empty shell with the mixture.  However, do not use desiccated coconut in your fat ball as this is not good for the birds. L

Put a knot in one end of a piece of string – please don’t ask me how long it should be! You’ll have to use your noodle for this bit!  Then, punch a small hole in the bottom of your chosen container and pull the string through from the inside, with the knot on the inside.

If you want to warm the lard/suet to help mix everything together you can, but if you put a big of elbow grease (pun!) into it, you don’t need to do this plus it’s more effort for the kids ;)

So just mix together with enough fat to hold the seeds together.  Pack this into your container and once it is set, you’re all set to find a place in the garden to hang it up!

Do make sure you put your fat-ball somewhere that birds can reach but hopefully cats can’t!

Another very easy one to try is to take the kids out for a walk and collect pine cones. Then smother the cones with unsalted peanut butter (crunchy variety) and hang these up – the birds will go mad for it!  (A note of caution, please be careful of any nut allergy issues you or your children may have.)

Experiment with adding other things to your fat ball –  oats, stale bread, cereals for example.  Hopefully it’ll attract lots of lovely robins, blue tits and other small birds.

Happy Bird Feeding!

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