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gestions of the Association through a personal inten iew. We
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reported in respect of the water supply of a cottage at Mayes Green.
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during the past session. This however is but a small pro
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The Freer Lvcax Schninr hip is annually awarded on the
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Now let us glance at the ease of William Burt tried before
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public bodies are concerned much tlio same indifference is
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drawing away tliese particles from tlie eyes and prevention
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honorary medical stall. Students of medicine of University
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proved methods of combating this one of the most fatal of
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cord and brain how membranes and deeper tissues and how
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City Orthopredic Hospital eases of the Heart and Para
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any such proceeding where the girl or ber parents refused
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diploma of Doctor of Medicine The laurea in medicine and
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Alexander seems to express the general view of the managers
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obstetric and surgical professions Yet who can now deny
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tion of infant mortality in relation to factory labour before the re
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have given a grant of 300 with a conditional promise of its
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With this jiroviso let us examine the authorities begin
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Sib As you will see by enclosed newspaper report mj
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tous nature consisting chiefly of small round cells mixed
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which belonged to the earlier state of things. During all
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of absence of the assistant is reduced to a point that is not
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Elbou. n dealing with tuberculosis of the elbow joint
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attendance. Applications and testimonials endorsed Applica
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Examination Schedule must be made to the Secretary of the
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the Therapeutic Committee had ended in what might be
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for presentation at the annual meeting at Bristol on July
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the disastrous results of masturbation as observed in the out
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tional experience the existence o7 the lesion was suspect before
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thestafl of the scientifli department of the Institute for In
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the inner condyle was mainly at fault there was also a con
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tholomew s Hospital P. W. Rowland St Bartholomew s Hospital
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