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bring about the recoveiy of guinea pigs inoculated twenty
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tion is held twice yearly in March and September at the
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more efficient apparatus. Lastly the room is cleansed.
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borne cholera. It is however remarkable that Koch was
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telligence and courageous devotion during typlioid epi
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suspicion as to the existence of a tumour was entertained.
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deliberate advice instead of a routine bottle of physic and
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membrane was to be seen knee jerks tested for the first
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Carmichael M.D. The following gentlemen have signified
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Notwithstanding the most urgent advice he persisted in at
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Surgeon Lieutenant the pay of which rank is 200 a year.
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to make them desire to have life and to have it more
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Duroleum and Compounds a cleanly basis for ointments.
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nose to be Greek has been rectified by surgical art is the
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The Eighth International Ophthalmological Congress which
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herited requires not we venture to think that the boy
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and Optics. There will be a p artieal examination in Che
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at once to the patient the nurse and last but not least the
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kept perfectly dry and clean. Aseptic Cases for the caiTiage
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sued their studies in London previous to the foundation of
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specially interesting to members of the medical profession
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patentee appears to be well grounded that it is an efficient
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been a decided saving of life for soon after the plague
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observed in boys than girls but the sexes were nearly equal
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ingenuity was applied to the question. What is a poison
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the sexual function. He tliought the same ignor xnce existed
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The lungs were always found loaded with frothy fluid which
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less so than many engaged in cormnercial pursuits it may be
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nations in eveiy case before it was discliai ged from

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