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with board are appointed and may hold office for a t rra not
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small pox one might have thought that I vcn Mr. Biggs
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middle of the floor the old people were grouped around
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sion to the last. Becoming gradually weaker he passed away
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no coolies to be had to work. The magnitude of the disturb
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not a through ventilation. It is to be regretted that tlie
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were tried. On July 2Sth after consultation witli Dr. Uaby
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of Physicians of London and the Koyal College of Surgeons
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doubly qualified for Branch Hospital Royal Victoria and Albert
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Tliose who remained after the address and saw during
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in the course of some excavations in the Gallo Roman
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liealthy influences and teaching the people to attend t
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elevated and conical cranium larger in anterior than in pos
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tant from the city. London on the contrary derives its
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sence of a growth was readily detected. The examination
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Duly Qualified English Practitioners. The grievance of
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these things have physical and moral reactions which go side
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Health Society the Koyal College of Surgeons and other

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