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Diffusion The Propagation of Cholera by River Communica
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months earlier. He was deaf on the right side and com
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and gradually ffjueezed out and then air alloiced to enter
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officer of the 3rd and 4th districts of the Tendring Union
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employment of reliable nurses who have the moral support
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of the thyroid treatment no bad results manifested tliem
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cluded 18 from diarrhica B from diphthorin. and 4 from scarlet fever.
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there was a considerable amount of natural and acquired im
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paper with strong antivaccinist proclivities hinted that
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men. As to using this drug to the extent of inducing intoxi
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The Chaieman said the Committee had received and en
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Dr. HoBDER said he had always understood that the objec
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sington and St. George Hanover Square has been elected an
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nator have attended 12 cases of labour or had 3 months
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nurse for the two sick blocks and in each block there is a
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according to the fancy of the individual at the moment. One
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either with or without the administration of ether. But we
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of the experiment. It is thus evident that any sewage con
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Board and of which he was spokesman to Mr. illiers
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Some further particulars as to the London School of Medi
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