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cold intense joy or anxiety suspense or the reaction which follows its

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hsematemesis or not and even when only reasonable probability exists for

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diffused generally over the gastric region sometimes increased after food is

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chiefly in the anteroposterior diameter the broad sessile

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Even Wyllie in his classic work. The Disorders of Speech has failed to

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if not invariably necessary. The bullet should not be

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spoke of 1he basis of the use of alcohol in therapeutics be

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and between the nerve cells and fibres. There are secondary changes in

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these 2 species is one of length the A. aceti being slightly

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tial parallelism Does it point to any true causal rela

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spleen and the liver the pigment had been largely trans

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is of no benefit. Stryptlcs packing with gauze and even

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reaching as high as the ensiform cartilage just before

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Appel that violent exercise in tuberculosis is prejudicial.

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neuroglia. Alcohol and syphilis are probably the two principal examples.

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hemisphere the curve is reversed being lowest in May and June and

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preserve his footing on slippery roads becomes timid and unsafe

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transverse lesions they occupy successively areas in their course which have

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examination both bands of carbonic oxide haemoglobin are found to be

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during the pre emptive stage and there should be no difficulty whatever in

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ded as xipho umbilical resonance. The greatest dis

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Charles G. Stockton of Buffalo read a paper entitled

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be set up by a foreign body in the conjunctival sac.

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when an abscess bursts or is incised. In one large abscess this capillary

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of 3 specially devised instruments a hook for the cord a

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medical officer should visit the sick person forthwith to ascertain the

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has existed for the last five years and is gradually in

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more difficult tricks. My celebrated dog William was trained

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If one muscle only is paralysed the head cannot be so forcibly depressed

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