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Dr. Parkes has not yet reported and it is not right that I
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with a valvular lesion is not such a very rare event. In
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intestinal mucous membrane and that in which the aches
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are fairly accessible a properly constituted hospital will
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certain number of pages. As to the illustrations a late order
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These encampments might stretch for miles along the banks
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Anatomy and Physiology at the first and in Pathology and
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The Branch organisation during the past year had consider
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liver of the goose of Strassburg is to the gustatory palate of
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tory nerves I believe that it was not in the muscle itself
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that a sewer outfall would be an excellent health resort. Dr.
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RITCHIE James M.B. Relation between Chemical Composition and
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intensifying their morbid tendeneits in their children. 10
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present engaging the attention of sanitariaijs. Several methods
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Continent though not without its evils tends to cultivate
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sequently Dr Laborde subjected some dnps and guinea pigs
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Dr. Brown Si quard Dr. D Arsonval and others particulars
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Pollard Row Bethnal Green Road N.E. writes Tlio following case
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when they are older they jirobably form less uric acid per
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states further and we believe correctly that Mr. Ernest
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decomposition. The water supply in the more rural parts
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delicate nature between cell and cell contra Cajal and
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foreign body is the best example and 4 caseous. Under
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lent in towns where sewers were not ventilated. The result
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be improved by the constant attention not merely of the
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work with greater etlect. This variability of action appears to
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would be nothing unprofessional or incorrect about it. Owing to the
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of this Act is a costly proceeding for undoubtedly more than
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convalesence he attained to an acuteness of perception of
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would seem to be the rational treatment. But rest is also a
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night by a messenger. We were pleased to see separate
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taking that step. It is quifp obvious that in the present
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men among the women the typo of face while indicating a
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Is the quiet little village of Lanchester we found a compact
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s. That the Lord Chancellor be asked to receive a deputation from this
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not pot in a moral pillory any member of the Association
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epidemics of influenza have been studied with a care hitherto
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are one or two other things which ought to be pointed out to
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remove conditions which would assist in the spread of im
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community ought to have the first claim on local authorities
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nasal douche of a solution of the same in gradually increasing strength
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Strassburg district it was marked by cougli and running of the
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Congress of Gyn ccology and Obstetric iMedicine will be held
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compares favourably with other workhouses. This report
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and a distinguished neurologist Dr. Vincenzo Chiaia Pro
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At times cervical swellings especially in rapidly fatal
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high treason and as such punishable by death. Yet Hadfield
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the respiratory system have increased which may be ex
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members of the Parliamentary Bills Committee it suggests
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current disease or of disease which are returuei not as
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faithfully under well nigh impossible conditions. It is the system
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thing and Mr. Taylor s book will help them to that know
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end and so it may be but not to tlie end desired. Relatives
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have been communicated with. It transpired that the baby
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thrown open to competition and of course the speaking of Welsh was
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have been brought up to the sea and who having been
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which the sun never set was not forgotten but was toasted
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mendation that tlie Middlemore prize be awarded to Mr. E.
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tures are given each week. Tutorial classes are also held
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selves. In the second case a lady who was bathing had
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fever which caused more deaths in most provinces than all other
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tected virulent organisms in it. In forty examinations of
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recreation. Even fiower beds and shrubberies beautiful as thev are
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pains with a report or to prepare a paper which from past
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general welfare of the whole profession tnless some
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Board had tried to carry out Pasteur s recommendations and had made

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