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distinct disease. In regard to seeking exact metliods for in

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ture and stitched together with fine silk. March 1893. No menstrua

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the reversionary interest of 7 000 in India stock between

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He hoped that Dr. Philipson would long be spared to enjoy

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become infected as might very well happen if cholera

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the utmost service. I have recently seen two clergj men of

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that he was kept apart because of bad conduct and language.

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of stamping out scarlet fever by quarantine and isolation

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in question is headed Avoid Quacks and Quack Medicines and pro

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pneumoniae of Friedlaender but as seen by the table the

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infirm all the patients must eat sleep and on the male side

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many instances in dangerous u oximity to ovcrdowing cess

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to 10 per 1 000 per annum it would imply tliat the mean

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passes anything that I know of in the recent epidemics and

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which has absolutely no connection with any dyscrasia.

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theless all must eat the cholera influence was quickly fanned

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Buda Pesth. At the special request of the Executive Com

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what was going on in other medical schools to additional lectureships

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matter for the consideration of the medical world and

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where be rooted out if necessary even by the intervention of

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from the country. The operatives are employed in weaving

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form. The subject indeed on which at the invitation

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synonym fierce competition

patients. Is there anyone bold enough to say that neurotic

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of alcoholic drinks such as beer which provoke an excessive

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separate layer the discussion of whose significance opens out

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An epidemic of typhoid fever has broken out at Mont

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which the profession there honoured him on the occasion of

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death rate of the former is due to the circumstance that Man

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stampede amongst sanitary authorities no doubt in their

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spheric. For instance this influence was seen in the

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All these gentlemen have taken an active part in the forma

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whatsoever who rejects any article of faith Inuin or

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spot but wandering about within the district and it is im

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Messrs. John Weiss and Son London exhibited a collec

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chiefly remembered in connection with the surgery of the

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with the honorary rank of Inspector General of Hospitals. He was created

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tions in nutrient agar agar and nutrient gelatine according

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way final. The mention of finality suggested another serious

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than June 1st in the affirmative or negative as to their

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second frontal convolution thus increasing the number of

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surgeon or at some place appointed by the surgeon for the

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The dissecting rooms open from October 1st. The dissections

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as above mentioned leaving only the L l. i unvaccinated cases

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hand area. The motor paralysis was invariably accompanied

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and in 1871 the gold medal of the intemat was awarded to

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ventive medicine and civilisation between them have already

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the investigation was that lie was asked to send in his resignation which

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stage alkaline diaphoretic mixtures with mild counter irritant

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letter in the British Medical.Journal of June 9th leads me

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tion of the enfeeblement of body and the derangement of

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choice of a subject for the Address in Medicine to the an

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ing for a Conjoint College Surgical and Medical Diploma or

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versity College and Medical School. All the arrangements

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practice and have practised dissection during six months

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is aflected namely the spleen that it is often enlarged in

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surroundings so much more encoui aging is at the first

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it is expected that the ceremony will be exceptionally

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Membebs are reminded that the Libraiy and Writing Rooms

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further If the Bill would be a good one then I would

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only a thin layer of the articular surfaces is stated to have

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diseases are apparently useless for the prevention of others

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in room and supervise an infectious hospital by day and

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evident that the opposition would from the

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name was for the time being on or entitled to be on the

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