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tary not later tlian twenty one days before such meeting
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signing the University Register candidates must produce
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ing in Bristol and especially upon the choice of the dis
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closure of the parochial schools is a precautionary measure
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was sufficiently full of detail to dispense with any observa
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the Treatment of Chronic Heart Disease by Gymnastics on
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comparison should be made with the better class of these
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on the right. On the 10th both tonsils were very much
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that he had found the method for prevention of orchitis
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an average admitted annually and the Auxiliary Hospital
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already invaded by the disease that the individual members
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residents with their two references are submitted to and
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possible event at some remote future while by the general
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treated in Indian asylums are instances rather of drug in
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the year 1893 94 was 40 961 of those maintained in public
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nised by law as a physician or surgeon etc. Under this
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ments and social qualities which liad long endeared him to
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or Spanish or in a modern language not included in the list
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been kept scrupulously away from the infected and have
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which he has obtained the sulphate in an impure form. If
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diplomes ou certiflcats obtenns par equivalence of the diplomas or
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esjiecial reference to that found in pathological degenera
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whicli patents are granted and by the proviso in letters
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Responding to a hurried message on the morning of the
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year small pox was imported. There was no proper mode of
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has been formed oaicn ibhi for the purpose of promoting legislation
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F rs. Grade 1 For Licentiates of the College for Primary
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counties just as there has been observed varying incidences
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