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My younger daughters go to Ju Jitsu. This is a full contact sport and they love it. My eldest daughter gave Karate up at 8 years old, it bored her but now she wishes to try kick boxing and is pestering her stepdad to take her (me and her dad are just to lardy to go).

Because they practice quite a lot, they get a fair bit of bruising. I now have a rug in the lounge and a mattress to break their falls. One of the things they have been learning is how to fall safely. This turns a trip to Tesco into a total nightmare. Skids and slides all over the place, and crashing into shelves which leads me pushing the trolley swiftly past them and pretending they belong to someone else…

Yesterday a letter came home from school. Rather abrupt in tone and it upset me. It asked where Jas got a bruise from and stated they questioned Jas but Jas didn’t know where it came from. Jas is 5 she is also a complete storyteller, and I love her for her stories. She can spin a cracking yarn and has a wonderful imagination. Actually all three of them have. Because I know this I was wondering what Jas had told them…

Had a Dragon breathed fire through her window and she banged her head scurrying under the bed? Had she been fighting fires with Fireman Sam and got injured? Rescuing her cats from the apple tree (not that they need rescuing but you try telling that to an aspiring fire fighter).

Actually I knew exactly where this bruise came from. Coming home from school last week Jas walked into a lamp post. 3 other mums witnessed it and I thought nothing of it. You see Jas is just like me, I have ‘two left legs’ and slip over frequently. I was told I would grow out of it but at 38 I still slip over once a week. The pair of us are accident prone and I have lost count of the bruises on my hips from walking into a door handle (that blinking hurts!). We do it so much, that I don’t pay to much attention to it or I would permanently live in A&E.

The school were concerned that she had done it at school and they hadn’t noticed. Hence the letter.

I cried all night. I imagined social services on my doorstep, I imagined all sorts of things. I even called my solicitor at 8.30 am this morning asking her advice.

The school rang after I had left a message this morning. They had no idea of the impact of their words or how it came across. The headmistress said it was just procedural for when a child may have injured themselves at school. She apologised profusely for upsetting me and I was surprised that she did apologise for making me so miserable. They were just covering their backsides.

Does your child’s school send home this kind of note? Was I being over sensitive (hard to believe I do get this way)


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  • Morag Gaherty

    It does seem ironic that this bruise should appear during Anti-Bullying Week, really!

    And of course, as we facebook followers know, you are such a silly moo yourself that you slipped over and broke your wrist just yesterday! How can a woman of your age slip so much? Do you send letters to Kev asking him to explain how your injuries have occurred?? :)

    On a serous note, it is frequently difficult to get written tone right, especially for those of us (like me) who are known for being more forthright than diplomatic. Combine that with someone sensitive on the other end, and it’s a recipe for trouble. :(

  • Sarah Arrow

    it was 2 weeks ago, but the schedule dictates when the blogs go out :)

    am typing lefthanded with right arm in plaster after slipping on the stairs this morning. i did tell kev to smile at the hospital this morning i told him all his frowning made him look like a wifebeater. he looked horrified at the thought and then he laughed when he saw the funny side.
    38 and its my first plaster cast…

  • Angiewelly

    My Husband picks up our oldest Grandson from school everyday and yes everyday there is a letter in his bag telling us what accident he has had. He is only 4 and very clumsy as he never looks where he is going! I do worry that the school are so intent on covering their backsides that they fail to take action to stop these everyday happenings, but what is the solution? I don’t know, but daily accident sheets although useful don’t seem to encourage the school to deal with the level of these incidents.

  • Sarah Arrow

    Angie, when we were kids, and a bit older than Liam and Jas, we were bruised to bits. from all the climbing and stuff we did. Do you remember Gavin Worrow (or was it Morrow) running into me and leaving his teeth in my head? Still have the scar. I should have gone to hospital, had a rabies shot or something, no offence Gavin.

  • Marydw757

    My 8 year old daughter has bruises all the time – she had a whacking one on her leg the other day, I couldn’t believe what she had done to get such a bruise! Yet, I would have been mortified if anyone had suggested anything inappropriate had gone on!
    I do know of someone who was reported to Social Services because of an innocent comment made to a teacher – this was done without speaking to the parents beforehand, leaving the mother horrified when Social Services turned up on the door!
    I agree with you Sarah, when I was young(er!) my brother, sister and I played outside in woods, climbing trees and having a great time, I’m sure we must have been covered in bruises but nothing was said.
    On the other hand, it seems bizarre that at other times some instances of genuine harm, with physical and visible scars, that nothing is done….but that’s a whole other issue!

  • Morag Gaherty

    See, that’s where you are going wrong, Mary – you should be covering your daughter’s bruises with Nutella. I hear that’s a good tactic for stopping social workers from finding evidence of mistreatment.Obviously, I’m joking. Marmite is much more effective. ;)

  • Olivia

    Bless you Sarah….my little monkeys are covered in bruises….football skateboards, walking into things and tripping over fresh air…once my youngest was getting a bit of a ticking off and as I pointed my finger in a gesture of annoyance he lunged forward to throw himself on the floor in a dramatic display of 5 yearoldism…yelp …scratch and squawk…next day he told the teacher I thumped him….she laughed, luckily she knows me better, else I would have been for it I guess…we don’t get letters home…I think it would be a waste of paper

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