Black bagging!

January 13, 2011 in Latest, Life

One messy room

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For some reason, when I think of this phrase, I always start humming “bare-footin…”, anyway that’s beside the point.

We’re in that post Christmas period when children seem to have an excess of toys, games and various odd bits and pieces.  It’s fabulous for them, they literally are like kids in a toy shop. But what of the poor parent who has to try and negotiate around new Barbie dolls, annuals, endless little things from stockings as well as the “old” doll heads that have become detached from the rest of it, toy cars, Trump card boxes and strewn Lego pieces.  All this just to tuck your little loveling into bed at night and give them a kiss! Is it me or is this bonkers?

Now, I know there will be some who have wonderfully angelic children who keep their bedrooms tidy and always put their dirty washing out.  Unfortunately for me, mine are both the other type of child!  At times it has been become so ridiculous that I have made my daughter sniff the pants on the floor so that she can tell if they are clean or dirty – an easy test! Eww.  And yet even when I threaten to “black bag” everything unless it’s tidied up, although this may work for a day (if I’m lucky), it goes back to the same old state so quickly.

“Storage” I hear some of you cry – done it.  She now has 3 boxes under her bed, in theory at least. One for dolls, one for games and one for other bits and pieces.  To be fair, it does work….sometimes.

So, this Christmas I had what I thought was a brilliant idea – she has plenty of toys and dolls so this year her present was a bedroom makeover.  She got a new quilt cover, matching picture for the wall and a calendar, a brilliant comfy chair and various other things to encourage her to have a little pride in her domain.  Well, she LOVED it all! Inside I was saying, nay, screaming “yeay!” in anticipation of my cunning plan working. Oh how foolish I was.

Having spent much of Boxing Day clearing out her room, together, the two of us revelled in the loveliness of her bedroom, she relaxing on her new chair and me actually lying down on her bed with her at bedtime for cuddles. Woo hoo!

So when was it exactly that the Messy Fairy entered her room and trashed it? Because by the next afternoon I couldn’t even get into the room, let alone reach the bed.

Once again, and especially after all my effort of the previous day, the (yes, somewhat veiled) threat of black bagging the lot came out.  Am I crying wolf? Well, yes in a way because I paid for much of that mess in the first place! Also because if kept nice, it would be an amazing room – “I never had anything like that when I was little” is often heard.  What am I to do? Is she calling my bluff? Yes I know she is and I know that she also knows that more often than not, I will become so fed up with the state of it that I will end up doing much of the tidying up.

Right, this weekend she is at her Dad’s for the weekend, so should I go through with it?  Answers on a postcard please…. Have you ever black bagged the lot? Did it work??

One thing is for sure, next Christmas there will be a major clear out beforehand. And should it not come up to Mum’s standards, there may be one little girl I know on The Naughty List!

Oh PS. the photo is not the bedroom in question – her room is FAR worse :-(

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