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bedding and were clean. All the wards are in telephonic
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is the all important point and several instruments with
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difficulties which still remain to the acceptance of natural
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about to make it must be distinctly understood that I am
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hygienic measures sliould be taken think it premature to recommend
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thanks namely that they were immediately to form them
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simple but hardly satisfactory method of denying them. If
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Oldham and Leeds show a low ncer mortality while Wor
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twelve members of the Kraneh present and ten visitors
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patients on the second or third day of the rash they ap
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could not open his mouth properly that he had pains in the
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generous use of heavier wines. I have met with several
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may succeed but that no drug of any kind will succeed if it
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der are dusted on the wound and cyanide gauze and absorbent
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which together form this institution there is now accommo
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Again and again I have endeavoured to attract attention.
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sense must have its leavening power. Practical men in a
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April Mr. Mundella stated that the new regulations for
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Eesolvod That tlie 133 candidates whose names appear on
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Physicians to the Out Patieuts Chelsea Hospital tor Women.
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truded through the wound. Several growths were readily
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College Hospital North Western Ilospital and the Totten
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geons tenable for twelve months at a salary of.00 a Sur
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It is for the West Indies and the West African Colonies
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Institute of Preventive Medicine has had its little innings
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published in the litter half of 18tW. it deals only with matters
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is published annually and can be obtained from Messrs.
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it seems a pity that the work is left incomplete. Our Com
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the country. He considered that the chief cause of the dimin
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bacilli of which some were Klebs Loeffler s diphtheria mi
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house. It has been found by experience that nurses trained

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