Baby’s first Christmas

December 16, 2011 in Mums tips


Merry Christmas!

I am so excited! I absolutely love Christmas and this year is the first year that we share it with our nearly one year old! Wow.

We had said that we wouldn’t go mad on presents. But there are just so many lovely things out there that individually aren’t bank breaking – clever shops! I wouldn’t want to add up what we’ve spent and Daddy is utterly useless at not being spoily spoily and so our little girl has a pile of presents so huge that I may well hold some back for her birthday.

Last weekend I decided to get the decorations out. The beginning of the excitement for me! But wait, where on earth do we put the tree this year? If it goes in the lounge, then no doubt a little person will think that we’ve just made it all perfect and wonderful and sparkly with pretty lights just for her enjoyment alone and obviously the temptation to pull the whole thing over is far too great! I could put it in the play pen, although not so pleasing on the eye and then the dilemma of where to put baby when I need to go to the loo, make a cup of tea, answer the door etc etc. That along with an overexcited setter, I really have no hope!

So, after some deliberation, decision made and we have put said tree in the hallway. I think it looks quite nice there, not entirely keeping up with the lounge tradition but I am sure we can be back to that next year. We have also decided, much to husband’s despair, not to have a real tree this year. I may sound like I’m being a bit nanny state with health and safety, but those needles are enough to hurt adult hands let alone baby’s. And that coupled with the urge to put everything in her mouth at the moment, it’s probably for the best.

She has clocked the tree, slightly curious, but so much safer in its current position. It’s just there to admire when we leave the house and come home again. Perfect.

Now, just on to the small matter of writing the Christmas cards, ordering more presents for our many nieces, nephews and godchildren, wrapping of presents, posting of presents, organising a pre-Christmas drinks party at home…the list is almost literally endless. And all Daddy says is he’s just soooooooo tired from all the Christmas work partying he has to do. Poor thing, I know how just he feels, minus the party…ummmmmm, I think there will be words!!!!!

Happy Christmas, everyone xx