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Work among the Villages of the Central Provinces India J.
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Because the process of putrefaction after burial goes on for
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Mr. G. Standehwick Croft exhibited Cellular Clothing
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James Y oung to Emily youngest daughter of William Reid of
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ments he was sorry to say they had been very few. He did
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Physician to the Royal Hospital ior Sick Children and University
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appearance of their being ill or suffering from injury or it
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Honorary Medical iflicer to the Surbiton Cottage Hospital.
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geons and a Resident Vccoucheur are appointed every six
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poisons with which the paper dealt and he had m doubt
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S roving Health of White Lead Workers. W. Gordon England
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perhaps with re gard to the occurrenoe of cysts osseous
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that a man in San Francisco has brought an action for
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emptied for one or two hours. To prevent tlie action of the
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solicitor and secretary have been appointed we presume
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Under Section IV I propose to deal with the subject of the
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the skin below the optimum temperature of the tubercle
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than is generally supposed. But this form of pneumonia
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cottage in the country in which they would not find condi
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material either over a Bunsen burner or a charcoal stove.
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the coiuposi tion of the blood in traumatic aniemia
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of the profession and safeguard its interests whil. t on the
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Sir F. S. Powell has done good service to sanitary progress
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corporations or colleges in the United Kingdom. The
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to have been marked by the misrepresentation of facts and
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the female side the bedsteads are of the full width and the
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in the country to be infected. An outbreak of cholera
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Association for their strenuous efforts to make that meeting
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whatever could be done at the sites of other religious festivals.

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