Guest post from Dad Paul Glavin – Fed up being marginalized

I think I finally understand how women feel when they take their car into the garage to fix a problem, being spoken to as if you are technically inept without a thought to how that makes you feel.   We didn’t have an easy ride to get to where we are now, little Haydn is [...]

A Dad’s first blog – guest post from Simon Gold

At the time of writing, it’s a bright Saturday morning at the beginning of April 2011 and it’s 7.13am. My son Ethan, who will be four in May, has been up for precisely 49 minutes. He’s had a bowl of Cheerios and Rice Krispies followed by a banana, followed by a cheese string then chased [...]

So explain to me really who the biggest loser is

I’m sure that I am not alone in wanting to have a post-Christmas health splurge, so in my quest to get my motivation well and truly going, I thought I’d watch the new television programme for losing weight. Image by Nathan Rein via Flickr Initially I was so encouraged, not least – and yes this [...]

Black bagging!

For some reason, when I think of this phrase, I always start humming “bare-footin…”, anyway that’s beside the point. We’re in that post Christmas period when children seem to have an excess of toys, games and various odd bits and pieces.  It’s fabulous for them, they literally are like kids in a toy shop. But [...]

Pocket Money – guest post from Nina Wright

Every week when we go shopping the same questions pop-up again and again.  “Can I have this please mummy, can I have that please mummy, ooh can we buy this mummy, ooh can I have that mummy!” Unfortunately for my two boys the response is always, “not this time darling, mummy doesn’t get paid until [...]