Join the MyFamilyClub 30 minute Parent Pledge revolution (sponsored post)

MyFamilyClub is currently running a campaign called the 30 minute Parent Pledge. It’s all about trying to encourage parents to spend just 30 mins doing something a bit different but thrifty with the kids.

Do you brush germs in your mouth morning and night? (sponsored post)

Wait, wait, wait. A video just landed in our inbox and we are a bit grossed out. Watch this: That’s right – your cold germs are lurking on your toothbrush and when you brush after a cold, you’re putting them straight back into your mouth, and straight back into your nervous system. Ew. Also, it [...]

What on earth do you buy for a first birthday present? (sponsored post)

Emily from A Mummy Too asks, do babies need birthday presents? It’s JD’s fifth birthday in a few weeks and we have big plans – a Halloween soft-play party with his friends, apple bobbing, and some cool gifts. We’re all really looking forward to it. Miss J has a birthday coming up too. She’ll be [...]

We’ve got the moves like Gaga…or at least the scent (sponsored video)

The Mums on the Blog team ponder whether smelling like Gaga is as good as sounding like her. Have you ever danced around the room in over-sized sunglasses while singing Born This Way and imagining you’re Lady Gaga? No? Hmm, we’re not sure we believe you. Especially you. Ok, maybe not you. Even if you’re [...]

Hairy legs and swimming don’t mix (sponsored video)

Emily from A Mummy Too bemoans being pale of skin and dark of hair.