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September 27, 2012 in Life

Mojo Mums

Emma from Mojo Mums shares her morning. Sound familiar…?

My morning:

5.00 – Get woken up at by daughter who has had a bad dream.
6.30 – Get woken up by husband going to work.
7.00 – Get woken up by son.
7.03 – Take kids downstairs and get them breakfast.
7.15 – Go upstairs and have a shower.
7.20 – Go downstairs as kids are fighting about which TV channel to watch.
7.21 – Back upstairs to begin wardrobe debate.
7.23 – Go downstairs to confiscate the remote control.
7.24 – Back upstairs, finish getting ready.
7.30 – Pick up various bits of dirty underwear from the bathroom floor, most belonging to my husband,. Make beds, get uniform ready.
7.35 – Ignore yelling from downstairs.
7.45 – Go downstairs to put on a wash, empty dishwasher, clear away breakfast things and tell kids to get dressed.
7.55 – Get toothbrushes from upstairs and bring down with toothpaste on and put in downstairs loo.
7.58 – Search for clean school jumper, hairband and different socks as son refusing to wear the ‘lumpy’ ones I put out for him.
8.00 – Tell kids to get dressed about 8 more times.
8.05 – Look in book bags from day before, sign homework, remove paperwork with newsletters, bills and goodness knows what else.
8.10 – Make packed lunch for my son and for myself.
8.12 – Ignore more yelling.
8.15 – General tidy up of breakfast things and wash up saucepan from last night.
8.25 – Remember to fill water bottles and get snack for my daughter and put in their bags.
8.28 – Tell kids to finish GETTING DRESSED.
8.29 – SON HAS DISAPPEARED WANTING TO REMOVE HIS TROUSERS. Starting to panic as I want to leave now.
8.30 – Daughter on toilet now for what looks like may be a while…
8.33 – Managed to get daughter into car, son still nowhere to be found.
8.34 – Engine on – start to reverse out of drive without son (on purpose as this usually works). Son makes an appearance at door with shoes half on, crying.
8.35 – Wave to friends calmly and happily cycling past on their way to school hoping they haven’t just heard me yelling.
8.36 – Off to school – nowhere to park –find space.
8.40 – Walk to junior school say goodbye to daughter.
8.45 – Walk to infant school – teacher prizes son off me as he’ doesn’t like school’; apparently it’s ‘too long’.
8.50 – Walk back to the car take a deep breath and drive to work.
9.00 – Arrive at work AND RELAX!

My husband’s morning:

6.30 a.m – He gets up, has a shower and leaves the house.

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