A Child’s Transition To Contacts

September 7, 2012 in Mums tips

Understanding corrective visions (Image ©Olympus)

There are many aspects of preparing children to go back to school that are relatively constant across different cultures and families. For example, children always need things like the appropriate books and school supplies, a few new items of clothing (or a new uniform), etc. However, there are also certain things that parents don’t always consider in advance that are best done before going back to school. For example, if you discover that your child needs corrective vision, it is always most convenient to address this before the school term gets started, as this is easiest for your child. Kelly Bradley tells us about some of the benefits she experienced in setting her child up with corrective vision during the summer.


From my own experience, I know that finding comfortable contact lenses is no guarantee – but I also know that children don’t always want to settle for glasses. If your own child wants glasses, of course, then that is a perfectly reasonable option for your family. But in my experience, I needed to allow some time to make sure that my child – thirteen years old now – could find contact lenses to feel comfortable in. Companies like Acuvue offer a lot of different styles of lenses, and once my son and I talked to his eye doctor about the different options we found one suitable for his eyes. The appointment process was a lot easier to go through without the school week to worry about.


Even after finding a pair of contacts that suited my son’s eyes, it ended up being great that he had some time to adjust to lenses before the school year got started. Personally, I can barely remember when contact lenses were new to me, but I know that my son needed some time to adjust to things like how they felt, when to take them out, etc. For example, he learned pretty quickly not to go swimming without goggles anymore! Whatever adjustments your child has to make with corrective vision, they will almost certainly be more convenient without school going on.


Finally, I also thought that dealing with corrective vision during time off from school was helpful in allowing my son time to learn the responsibility of contact lenses. My son is careful with his things and generally responsible, but any child with new glasses or contacts still needs to adjust to taking care of them, and if you have to deal with broken or lost lenses while trying to be at school every day you may have a hard time. Ultimately, with comfortable lenses and careful attention my son was able to make the transition to contacts with relative ease, but with the appointments and the slight learning curve it would have been more difficult had we waited until school started.

Kelly Bradley is a working mother of two who regularly contributes to parenting blogs. She enjoys both giving and receiving advice from other parents.

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