A cautionary tale for adults and children!

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Never has the phrase “better late than never” felt so appropriate. It’s just the start of the wintery season and frosts are settling on the cars overnight.  Each morning it’s the nuisance task of defrosting and demisting the car before setting off on the school run.

But if ever I needed reminding of the absolute importance of this, a friend’s Facebook status this morning has done just that.  She tells of how she saw a young girl getting hit by a car on a zebra crossing.  Fortunately – if there is such a thing in this case – the car was driving at about 30mph and the child wasn’t hurt.

When the woman driving the car got out she said that she hadn’t seen the child because her windscreen was misty.

How easily this could have been a different story – if she had only ensured the windscreen was clear before she set off…. or dare I say it, if she had been going faster, the consequences do not bear thinking about.

Defrost your car thoroughly before you leave your drive.  And tell your children to make sure cars stop before they cross the road.  Simple.  Also drivers, remember the sun is very low in the sky in the mornings, so allow for this and slow right down.  Better late….than never!

A short post I realise, but I don’t think any more needs to be said. Drive carefully y’all.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1134202412 Morag Gaherty

    A lucky escape for the girl in question. I have to say, I’ve driven off on a winter’s morning peering through the parts of the windscreen that are no longer misty before now. As you say, a few more moments don’t cost a lot.

    And I too hate coming up the road out of our road at this time of year, because the sun is so low it is almost impossible to avoid momentary blindness. Beautiful texture of light, but treacherous.

  • http://www.barbarasaul.com Babs Saul

    Never again will I drive off with misted windows – thank you for this timely reminder to just take those few extra minutes.

    And I have been so firm with the children to be sure they know what a driver is doing. I remember as a child being told of a second cousin being killed when crossing the road, misinterpreting a flash of lights by the oncoming car to mean he could cross, when apparently it did not. That’s always stayed with me.

  • http://www.assessment4potential.com/ LynnTulip

    Horrifying to read. And horrified that drivers would set off without demisting their windscreens.

    Where’s our Kev with another safety videoblog?

  • Kevin

    Mary, your post is very topical especially as we are recieivng daily snow and blizzard warnings for the coming days. Not only is it important to clear you screens but also ensure the wiper blades are fully functioning and the heater/blower is working as well to maintain clear windows.
    Lynn I will post a video blog on Arrow Light Haulage this weekend – look out for the tweet.

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