A bloke’s reaction to pregnancy – Guest post from Rich Brady

“Rich, I’m Pregnant…”

“That’s Great, I’m Off!”

I’m fairly certain that’s not the ideal reaction Rach wanted when we found out she was pregnant and I assure you I’m not a complete shit. We did the test about an hour before I was leaving for Italy on a weeks climbing holiday with my Dad and Brother and there’s something you should know about my Brother; he’s always unnecessarily early.

We’d joked several times over the week before about his premature arrivals, but neither Rach or I thought that would result in me leaving her sat on the kitchen floor in shock.

Was It Planned?
We were asked this a lot in the early days and the answer is Yes, but it still managed to take us by surprise. Rach is a teacher, so we were trying to schedule the due date around the Summer holidays to maximise her time off. We’d actually stop trying by the time we did the test and the little white wand said we were already 5 weeks in. It’s still very much of a shock that we’d fallen pregnant almost as soon as we’d started trying, but it doesn’t stop me telling Rach that it was clearly down to my Super Sperm…

I’ve gone through 3 periods of emotion during this pregnancy, the first was weeks and weeks of being really excited. Rach was doing enough of the “Christ, we’re going to be parents” for the both of us, all I could think of was “I could do this with him next year…” or “Oooh we can go there with her…”

Oh, I’ve been doing a lot of that by the way. Referring to baby as him or her randomly. We decided not to find out what sex the baby is, but I find myself attributing a sex when I’m talking about her (see I’ve done it there), but there doesn’t seem to be any pattern to it.

Just after Christmas I reached the second period of emotion…

Sheer Terror
I always knew once Christmas came and went the weeks would go much faster, but I hadn’t anticipated how reality was going to kick in. I would say things like “Rich, you’re going to be a Dad for God’s sake, do you know how much responsibility that is?” to myself and wonder how I’d get everything ready (Rach was and still is writing lists at a rate of knots) by the time April 27th came along.
What made things worse was how we now referred to how far along Rach was. To begin with it was “6 weeks… 8 weeks… 12 weeks…”, but once Christmas passed we’d started counting down “16 weeks… 12 weeks… 8 weeks… Argghh…” and then it switched again.

Laughing Couple

Image by uLight.Me via Flickr

Excitement and Impatience
I can’t wait for the baby to arrive now. As I write this we’ve got a little less than 4 weeks to our due date, but as you probably know Rach could go into labour anytime really.

The “to do” list has got much shorter, the spare room has had a coat of paint and is officially now a nursery; Rach’s bag is packed, the house looks like a Mothercare storefront and we’re going over our birthing plan. WE ARE READY…

Rich Brady

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  • Danny @BabyCalendars

    Good luck Rich for when he (see what I did there?!) arrives

    We did the same… count up then count down lol seems more real on the way down!

  • http://www.nikkipilkington.com NikkiPilkington

    Trust me, you’re NEVER ready ;)

  • http://twitter.com/richmbrady Rich Brady

    LOL Nikki, I’m sure you’re right. I must have been feeling particularly confident at the time I wrote this.

    Cheers Danny

  • Morag

    Children change your life and your relationship for ever. They are both a joy and a burden, and for the first year, probably, you’ll both be permanently knackered – especially Rach. I don’t want to put you off (bit late for that now!), but these feelings are normal, and probably most come down to basic sleep deprivation (there’s a reason it’s the most effective form of torture in the world!). All those beautiful mother and baby photos on the covers of parenting magazines give an unrealistic expectation, for the most part. :(

    Having said all that, you’re both about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy! :)

  • http://twitter.com/richmbrady Rich Brady

    Hey Morag, my Dad has already warned me about this LOL

    If I’m not to tired, I’ll try and keep the posts coming through the ups and the downs…

  • Anonymous

    Best of Luck Rich