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swelling and perhaps that term conveys the bjst idea of theu
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there are who pass through life without knowing what vice is and a
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act he is committing Would he be aware of what he is
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monsters but we feel sure that so accurate an observer will
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review some of what appear to me to be important advances
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be clearly marked between the Branches of the Indian
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infection is often spread before diagnosis is possible. But
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milk in small quantities without ill effects. The temperature
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in the pus twice in pure culture and once with staphylo
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CAMBRIDGE LUNATIC ASY LUM Fulbourn near Cambridge. Assistant
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cide the matter that day. It must be decided with a great
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were taken. Under these circumstances it is not surprising
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impression was that it was small intestine its size flattened
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have in hand and of which we are ready at once to furnish
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stanc es issued very strong orders as to muzzling seizure detention and

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